Natsuko is a young reporter for Weekly Hero (週刊HERO, Shūkan HERO) who becomes Terryman's girlfriend. She is almost never seen without her trademark newsboy cap and camera. She is a bit of a tomboy, wearing bellbottoms and a tanktop in earlier chapters and overalls and a sweater from the Chojin Olympics on. Her nickname for Kinnikuman is Kin-chan (キンちゃん).

She is very possessive of Terryman and has even been known to attack his female admirers (and Nakano) for getting too close to him. Their relationship is made more obvious in the anime, as they are frequently shown on dates and she gets really into his fights (similar to Sayuri Kinniku with Kinnikuman's fights).

She originally speaks with an Kawachi Osaka dialect, but uses a standard Japanese dialect in the anime.

She is initially antagonistic towards Mari Nikaido but the two eventually learn to get along (in the anime they are portrayed as best friends). Contrary to the explanation in Kinnikuman Nisei, it was Natsuko and not Bibimbap who originally replaced Mari as the heroine of the series. She disappears after the 21st Chojin Olympics preliminaries in the manga, but like most of the supporting cast she stays around until the end in the anime.

Natsuko (Nisei)


Kinnikuman Nisei

In Kinnikuman Nisei, she is married to Terryman and is the mother of Terry the Kid. Her trademark newsboy cap and go-go girl look is replaced by the demure clothing of a Texas farm-woman, with jeans, boots and a checkered shirt.

She first appears in a flashback to a match between Kinnikuman and Terryman, and in the anime a lenghty flashback in which she witnesses the first of many argument between Terryman and their son about Kinnikuman, and is involved with the current story arc (a tag tournament in the past).

In the Ultimate Chojin Tag Arc is notable how while Terryman refused to aknowledge Terry the Kid of a possible future son of himself (falling for the machinations of Thunder and Lightning describing Mantaro Kinniku and Terry the Kid as fellow Akuma Chojin), Natsuko not only believed him, but correctly guessed his full parentage by noticing how Terry the Kid has the looks of Terryman and most of her own mannerisms.

Career Information

  • Reporter for Weekly Hero
  • Natsuko-san (ナツ子さん) (Terryman)
  • Natchan (ナっちゃん) (Kinnikuman)