• Name: Nemesis (ネメシス)
  • Real Name: Sadaharu Kinniku (キン肉サダハル)
  • Nickname: Perfect Muscle (完肉 Kanniku)
The younger brother of Tatsunori, Sadaharu Kinniku started out life into the royal Kinniku family. He possessed a genius wrestling ability and believed himself to be superior to his brother. At the mere age of 13, he unconsciously performed the Muscle Spark, killing his sparring partner in the process. For this act, he was locked away in an underground dungeon and his existence erased from history. After receiving the death sentence, he escaped from prison to Mt. St. Parfait where he faced off against Mirageman. Recognizing Sadaharu as the descendant of Silverman, Mirageman invited him to become reborn as the Perfect Chojin Nemesis.
Win/Loss Record (Singles)


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