Nenbutsuman (念仏男) is a character from Tatakae!! Ramenman and the final antagonist of the series.


  • Name: Nenbutsuman (念仏男)
  • Homeland: Flag of Myanmar (1974-2010).svg Burma
  • Submitted by: Kiyota of Osaka
The leader of the Triangle Brothers, he wears a small Buddha statue on his head. His specialty is fighting with a bell as a weapon.
He easily defeats Hogan in the Emperor's Tournament preliminaries and then Quancao in the first round of the finals tournament. Because Gundam and Gyeomcham fought to a draw he had no second round opponent and immediately advanced to the finals.


  • Rakurai Gane (落雷鐘, Thunder Bell)
  • Dangan Gane (弾丸鐘, Bullet Bell)


  • O Two Unknown Opponents
  • O Hogan (Rakurai Gane)
  • O Quancao (Rakurai Gane)

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