• Name: Okamaras (オカマラス gay + rasu)
  • Classification: Kaijū
  • Homeland: Space
  • Chojin Kyodo: 30,000 Power(?)
  • Trademark Techniques: Unpleasant Wink
  • First Appearance: Manga Pilot 1, Anime Episode 3
  • Seiyu: Sanji Hase

Okamaras is a transvestite gay Kaiju who first appears as the antagonist of the first pilot chapter. He later reappears in the first serialized chapter as one of the invading aliens and again as one of Kinkotsuman's minions. He appears to have a slight crush on Kinnikuman. His feelings for Kinnikuman lead him to allow Kinnikuman to escape from Kinkotsuman's prison.


Main Antagonist

  • Preceded by: None
  • Followed by: Eragines