Pentagon (ペンタゴン) is a character from Yudetamago's manga and anime series Kinnikuman. The Ultimate Muscle dub renamed him "Starface."


Also known as The Pentagon (ザ・ペンタゴン), he has a pentagram drawn on his face, a completely white body, and bird-like wings used for his trademark aerial attacks. The wings on his back can fly up to Mach 1 and his Jumping Power is No. 1 in the Chojin World, but his overall Power is somewhat inferior. According to Meat, Pentagon is popular and has many female fans.

In his 21st Chojin Olympics Quarter Finals match against Warsman, his wings were ripped off and he has sliced from his face down to his abdomen.

His cousin is Akuma Choujin Black Hole, and the two of them participated in the Dream Chojin Tag Arc as the 4D Killer Combo. By turning the pentagram on his face he can manipulate space-time with his techniques Stop the Time, Chronos Change, and the tag technique 4D Cross.

Despite possessing these near invincible techniques, he does not use them during his fight with Warsman, implying he might not have mastered them during the 21st Chojin Olympics.

He later appears in Kinnikuman Nisei as one of the Legends.

Voice Actors


Space Shuttle (スペースシャトル)
Space Falcon (スペースファルコン)
Chronos Change (クロノス・チェンジ)
Pentagon swaps positions with an opponent.
Stop the Time (ストップ・ザ・タイム)
Pentagon freezes time to attack freely.
Angel Wing Claws (エンジェルウイング・クローズ)
Four Dimension Kill (フォーディメンションキル)

Career Information

  • Favorite Food: Hamburger
  • Theme Song: "Stop the Time" (ストップ ザ タイム) by Yoji Saito (feat. Hideyuki Tanaka as Pentagon)
  • California Jr. Heavyweight
  • Acrobat Chojin Champion
  • Birdman (鳥人 Chōjin)
  • White Acrobat (白の軽業師 Shira no Karuwazashi)
Win/Loss Record (Singles)
Win/Loss Record (Tag)
4D Killer Combo (Black Hole)

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