• Name: Psychoman (サイコマン)
  • Alias: Grim Reaper (グリムリパー)
  • Titles: Perfect Tenth (完璧・拾式), Perfect Phantom (完幻 Kangen)
    Psycoman appears
  • Classification: Perfect Chōjin
  • Homeland: Flag of Spain Spain
  • Height: 206 cm
  • Weight: 102 kg
  • Trademark Techniques: Kill Hat (八つ裂き(キル)ハット), Skeleton Body, Ignition Dress, Spear Dress, Phantom Cannon, Thunder Saber, Magnet Power, Giant Grip Palm (巨握の掌), John Does Arrow, Grim Reincarnation (義輪廻転生落とし(グリム・リーインカーネーション))
  • Laugh: "Nyaga-Nyaga (ニャガニャガ)
  • Tag Team: John Does
  • First Appearance: Perfect Large Numbers Arc
    Colored artwork of psycoman

A Perfect Chōjin part of the Perfect Origin. He was the Chōjin who taught Neptune King how to use Magnet Power, though according to Psychoman, Neptune King developed it nowhere near as well as himself.

Career Information

Win/Loss Record (Singles)

Win/Loss Record (Tag)
John Does (Turboman)