Ramenman Rambō (拉麺男・懢蝱(ラーメンマン・ランボー)) is a character from Tatakae!! Ramenman.


Homeland: Flag of the People's Republic of Mongolia (1949-1992).svg Mongolia

A clone of Victory Ramenman produced by Tosatsuki Gyoku'ou from Ramenman's fingernail. Because the blood of Gyoku'ou has added during the creation process, his looks and body type are completely different and he uses original techniques. After he defeats Ryuuseiken Hogan, Shoukokurou Kensou, and Chen Zong-Ming, he is defeated by Ramenman and reforms. Because he was produced from Ramenman's fingernail, they feel the same damage. However, this is discontinued after their fight.

Afterwards he refers to himself as Racket Rambo (饠血刀(ラケット)懢蝱(ランボー), Raketto Ranbō). The "Bo" in "Rambo" is usually represented with the character , but the characters and have also been used.

His design is similar to Atlas from Astro Boy.


  • Zannin Racket (斬人饠血刀, Deadly Racket)
  • Jabara Assatsu Shu (蛇腹圧殺手, Ceiling Crushing Hand)



  • O Police Officer A (Jabara Assatsu Shu)
  • O Police Officer B {Jabara Assatsu Shu)
  • O Police Officer C (Wankyuu Kobi Kyaku)
  • O Police Officer D (Jigoku Tokoroten Zukushi)
  • O Police Officer E (Zannin Racket)
  • O Hogan (Kyoku Hyappo Ken)
  • O Quancao (Dandou Archery)
  • O Chen Zongming (Kaitai Zouhasatsu)
  • X Victory Ramenman (Suiryuu Genkaku Ha)
  • O Unknown Opponent (Zannin Racket)
  • Δ Yibeikou (abandoned fight)

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