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Ramenman Profile

Ramenman in the anime

Ramenman is a character in Kinnikuman and Kinnikuman Nisei.


Ramenman was a Chinese Chojin (superhuman) who specialized in Kung Fu and technical wrestling. He claims to know over 1,000 different techniques. He has an oval-shaped face with a Fu Manchu moustache and wears a queue hairstyle. On his forehead is the kanji (Chū), which is the first character in 中国 (Chūgoku), the Japanese word for China. Unlike most Choujins he lacks a muscular body and instead possesses an athletic build, particularly in the earlier chapters when he had a bony and slender build and his cheekbones stuck out. In his early appearances he spoke in Kyowa-go, but soon after talked normally.

During the time of his first appearance (20th Chojin Olympics Arc), he is known as the Most Zangyaku Chojin (残虐超人 Brutal Superman) and kills many of his opponents, but as the series progresses he fights as a Seigi Chojin (正義超人 Justice Superman). During his Zangyaku Choujin days, he was a gentleman after leaving the ring and even disliked using weapons.

At one point in the series, he is in a vegetative state due to a severe head injury. So he assumes the identity of Mongolman for a while, wearing a special mask made of a healing tree bark, so that he can fight once again. He was also one of the few characters in Kinnikuman to never die.

He became very popular with readers (more than Kinnikuman himself), ranking 3rd in both the Good and Evil categories of the first Character Poll and then ranking First in the 2nd Poll. Yudetamgo have stated that they originally intended for him to be merely a one time villain for the Choujin Olympics, but he became so popular after his Third Place Determination Match against Terryman that they decided to keep him around. In response to this popularity, Ramenman got his own spin-off series called Tatakae!! Ramenman.

Voice Actors

Ramenman has had five different seiyū (seven if you count Victory Ramenman), more than any other Kinnikuman character.

  1. Eiji Kanie in Kinnikuman (eps. 7~110 and movies 1-4, TV special)
  2. Masaharu Satō in Kinnikuman (eps. 120 and 125)
  3. Banjo Ginga in Kinnikuman (eps. 130~136 and movies 5-7)
  4. Yuji Mikimoto in Kinnikuman: Scramble for the Throne
  5. Kenichi Ono in Kinnikuman Nisei and PlayStation Games


Trademark Techniques

Camel Clutch (駱駝固め(キャメルクラッチ))
Ramenman's overall trademark technique. Sitting on his opponent's back, Ramenman pulls back on his chin with both hands. He has ripped a few opponents in half with this technique (most notably Brockenman, Brocken Jr.'s father). In the Ultimate Chojin Tag Arc it is called Victory Kaifuku Ori (美来斗利偉(ビクトリー)・解腹折り). In the anime, noted for its toned down violence, instead the Camel Clutch shows the weird power to fold the enemy and turn him into dough: that fate befell to Brockenman, turned into dough and made into Ramen to be gleefully eaten in front of everyone else.
102 Chojin Attacks (超人一〇二芸, Chōjin Hyakuni Gei)
As the name implies, it is a collection of super-strong martial arts techniques. Originally only existing in Tatakae!! Ramenman, it became so popular that he began to use it in Kinnikuman as well. By the time of Kinnikuman Nisei (the sequel to Kinnikuman), it is established that these techniques are now Ramenman's main finishing moves.

Chōjin Wrestling Techniques

Ramenman's techniques from Kinnikuman.

Kowloon Wall Drop (九龍城落地(ガウロンセンドロップ) Gauron Sen Doroppu)
Ramenman sends his opponent into the air and then jumps up after him. He grabs the victim by the leg and places him on his shoulders. He then flips upside down and drives his opponent head first into the canvas.
Killer Karate "Dance of Death" (空手殺法“死の舞い”, Karate Sappō "Shi no Mai")
A strong fury of Karate chops.
Blood Vessel Cutter (血管切り Kekkan Giri)
A pressure point he pressed in Brocken Jr.'s leg to escape his Camel Clutch.
Thunderdome Neck Tree
Used during the fight with Bikeman. Ramenman grabs his opponents neck with his legs and grabs hold of the top of the Thunderdome Ring cage.
Romero Special (吊り天井固め(ロメロ・スペシャル))
Hurricanrana (メキシコ殺法コルバタ Mexico Sappō Corbata)
Neck-Hanging Tree
Ramenman used this during his fight with Warsman. It wasn't a move he would usually use therefore it wouldn't be programmed into Warsman's computer.
Fisherman's Suplex
Oklahoma Stampede
Wild Beast Palate Twist (暴獣口蓋捻り Bōjū Kōgai Hineri)
Attack on Marvelous's mouth.
Fierce Tiger Fist Storm (猛虎拳嵐 Mōko Kenran)
Series of horizontal chops.
Twin Dragon Reverse Spin (双龍逆旋回 Sōryū Gyaku Senkai)
Butterfly Lock (逆羽根折り固め Gyakuhane Origatame)

Anime Techniques

Human Noodles (人類麺類 Jinrui Menrui)
A brutal technique in which Ramenman Camel Clutches his opponent into dough and turns them into ramen noodles.
Ménduànpíng Róng (門断平栄(メンタンピンロン) Mentanpin Ron)
A brutal technique using handcuffs as a weapon.
Shanghai Enzuigiri (上海(シャンハイ)延髄斬り)
Peking Duck Headlock (北京烤鴨(ペキンダック)締め Pekin Dakku Jime)
Yangtze River Drop (揚子江落とし Yōsukō Otoshi)
A Backbreaker drop.
Great Wall of China (秘儀・万里の長城 Higi Banri no Chōjō)
Qingdao Catfish Backdrop (青島(チンタオ)鯰の逆落とし Chintao Namazu no Sakaotoshi)
Green Dragon Blade Chop (青龍刀掌劈(チョップ) Seiryūtō Choppu)
Shanghai Rampart Crush (上海(シャンハイ)城壁崩し Shanhai Jōheki Kuzushi)
Great Wall of China Roll (万里の長城転がし Banri no Chōjō Korogashi)
Peking Spring Roll (北京(ペキン)大春巻き Pekin Ōharumaki)
Swimming Up Yellow River Waterfall (黄河滝登り Kōga Takinobori)
Guangzhou Waterwheel (広州大水車 Kōshū Daisuisha)
  • Sichuan Great Rising Dragon (四川大昇竜 Shisen Daishōryū)
A combination of Swimming Up Yellow River Waterfall and Guangzhou Waterwheel.
Secret Bone Crumbling Technique (秘伝・骨崩し Hiden Hone Kuzushi)
Used in Seigi Chojin vs. Senshi Chojin during the fight against Nioman. Ramenman constricts his body around his opponent like a snake.

Mongolman Techniques

Flying Leg Lariat (フライング・レッグ・ラリアート)
Also known simply as the Leg Lariat. It is a jump spinning kick to the opponent's neck.
Hair Net (ヘアーネット)
Battle Dragon Essential Point Green Bristlegrass (闘龍極意ネコジャラシ, Tōryū Gokui Nekojarashi)
Hell's Shower (地獄のシャワー, Jigoku no Shawā)
Mongolman sweats so much that a rain cloud forms above the ring.
Mongolian Red Sand Cloud (モンゴルの赤い砂塵 Mongoru no Akai Sajin)
An anime technique.
Mongol Bomber (モンゴル・ボンバー)
Face Cleaver (顔面割り Ganmen Wari)
One Strike Boisterous Dancing Hair (一伐・乱舞髪 Ichibatsu Ranbuhatsu)
Dance of the Butterfly (胡蝶の舞 Kochō no Mai)

Chōjin 102 Attacks

Ramenman's techniques from Tatakae!! Ramenman, though some were used in Kinnikuman.

Mōko Hyappo Ken (猛虎百歩拳 Hundred Tiger Fist)
Rekka Taiyō Kyaku (烈火太陽脚 Raging Fire Solar Kick)
Rakuyō Kurenai Kyaku (落陽紅脚 Crimson Sun Kick)
Meidatsu Hōkai Ken (命奪崩壊拳 Life Stealing Crumbling Fist)
Zukotsu Kirimomi Kyaku (頭骨錐揉脚 Spinning Skull Kick)
Hishō Ryūbi Kyaku (飛翔龍尾脚 Flying Dragontail Kick)
Arauma Fūdastu (荒馬封奪 Wild Stallion Tamer)
Kaiten Ryūbi Kyaku (回転龍尾脚 Spinning Dragontail Kick)
Hyakusen Hyakushō Kyaku (百戦百勝脚 Invincible Kick)
Shintotsu Kirimomi Kyaku (心突錐揉脚 Spinning Heart Kick)

Kinnikuman Story

20th Chojin Olympics Arc

Ramenman debuted as the most brutal competitor in the 20th Chojin Olympics. His first round match was against Brockenman. At the beginning of the match, Brockenman used weapons and dirty tricks to gain an advantage over Ramenman. Suddenly, Ramenman came back and began brutally beating Brockenman without the aid of weapons. He then won the match by ripping Brockenman in half with his trademark Camel Clutch. This understandably frightened the still very cowardly Kinnikuman (who was present during the fight as he was set to fight Ramenman in the next round). In the next round, Kinnikuman and Ramenman fought in an Ice Top Death Match. Ramenman managed to get Suguru in the Camel Clutch, but then Suguru got so scared he crapped his pants, so Ramenman allowed him a break to go change. (In the anime, Ramenman turned Kinnikuman into ramen, but made the mistake of adding his power up food, garlic) Shortly after Kinnikuman came back, Ramenaman performed a piledriver on him, causing his head-fin to get stuck in the ice. Ramenman took advantage of this and kicked Suguru into the ropes, but Suguru hit him with an elbow smash on the rebound, winning the match. This caused Ramenman to change his ways and gained Kinnikuman his respect. Before the final fight between Suguru and Robin Mask, Ramenman took part in a Runner-Up Match with Terryman, but was disqualified for fighting dirty. He then shouted a message to Kinnikuman. He told him not to lose

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Ramenman's appearance during the 20th Chojin Olympics.

to Robin, because he wanted to be proud of their fight earlier. He got very emotional and even cried. He would later serve as a commentator during the fight and also appeared briefly during the American Tour as the referee for the fight between Suguru & Terryman and Skull Bozu & Devil Magician.

2nd Kaiju Extermination Arc

He was later part of the Magnificent Seven chosen to save Planet Rakka. This is where he met Brocken Jr., son of Brockenman, who wanted revenge.

21st Chojin Olympics Arc

Ramenman then competed in the 21st Olympics, where his first match was a Concrete Death Match against Brocken Jr. The fight started with Brocken Jr. having the advantage, with Ramenman seemingly not fighting back at all. As everyone wondered why he was doing this, Kinnikuman began to believe that the now reformed Ramenman planned on dying to make up for killing Brocken Jr.'s father. Brocken Jr. eventually put Ramenman in a Camel Clutch. It was then that Ramenman revealed that his reason for not fighting back was to give Brocken a fair chance at beating him. Since Brocken still had a lot to learn, Ramenman easily escaped the Camel Clutch and put Brocken in a Romero Special, knocking him out. As Ramenman left the ring, he told the young Choujin, "Forget about your father and you will become a great fighter." Ramenman then passed out due to massive blood loss and both he and Brocken had to be hospitalized. While in the hospital, Ramenman continuously trained for his second match against Warsman. His bravery and dedication caused Brocken to respect him and serve as his Second during the fight.

The match was to be a Steel Cage Casket Death Match, and was named "Battle of the Beasts" (as Ramenman and Warsman were reputed to be the most brutal choujin in the world). The winner was the first to throw his opponent out of the cage and into a coffin. It was during this fight that it was revealed that Warsman had a fighting computer, which contained all of the information needed to defeat his opponents (their weaknesses, a complete list of their moves, etc.). Though he gave it his all, Ramenman just couldn't gain an advantage over Warsman. Warsman threw him out of the cage and through a table. He then got on the top of the cage and jumped towards Ramenman with his trademark Screw Driver technique, but Ramenman blocked it with the ring bell. He thought he had trapped Warsman's Bear Claws, but Warsman burst through the bell and stabbed Ramemman in the temple, turning him into a vegetable. He then threw Ramenman's limp body into a coffin, winning the match. Kinnikuman (who was going to fight Warsman in the final round) got scared and tried to leave. But as he left, Brocken showed up with Ramenman in a wheelchair. He explained that Ramenman never counted on winning his match with Warsman, he was just trying to make Kinnikuman's fight easier. Even this wasn't enough to motivate Suguru and as he reached for his bag, Ramenman suddenly moved his hand and stopped Suguru from grabbing the bag. Suguru was so moved that someone as strong as Ramenman cared that much for him that he went back and prepared for his fight. During the fight, Ramenman (at ringside in his wheelchair) would occasionally mentally contact Kinnikuman and give him advice. After the fight, he simply disappeared for a while.

Ramenman & Brocken Jr.: Beyond Love & Hate

This one-shot takes place after Ramenman's victory over Brocken Jr. in the quarterfinals of the 21st Chojin Olympics and before his match against Warsman. While recovering from his injuries, Ramenman was placed in the only MRI prototype scanner in Japan. When Ramenman was scanned, his Chojin power causes it to blow up. While leaving the MRI room, Ramenman claims that western medicine will never heal his body.

In the Intensive Care Unit, Ramenman did 10000 push-ups with ease even though he's bandaged. The nurse is concerned for Ramenman, but Ramenman tells her that western medicine cannot heal his body. Brocken Jr talks with Ramenman about Brocken Jr. and Brockenman's matches against Ramenman. Brocken Jr. also notes that Ramenman is in bad shape and can't fight against Warsman. Despite this, Ramenman still wants to prepare for his match against Warsman

At nighttime, Ramenman sneaks out of the ICU, causing Brocken Jr. to wake up. Brocken Jr. follows Ramenman to the Hakone mountains. As it turns out, Ramenman is training on top of a nearby cliffside. With the help of some gasses emitted by a mysterious shrub, Ramenman miraculously heals his injuries.

Brocken Jr. confronts Ramenman and accuses Ramenman of wanting to fight Warsman to sate his bloodlust. Brocken Jr. launches an attack on Ramenman, but Ramenman casually blocks all of Brocken Jr.'s attacks as if he was playing with Brocken Jr. Ramenman critiques Brocken Jr. for holding onto his grudge against him. This grudge is the reason why Brocken Jr.'s attacks failed against Ramenman.

Eventually, Ramenman places Brocken Jr. into a choke. Ramenman asks why Brocken Jr. used the Camel Clutch on Ramenman. Brocken Jr. says it was to get revenge on Ramenman. After a toss, Ramenman reprimands Brocken Jr. and reminds him that Brockenman taught Brocken Jr. something more important than revenge.

Ramenman quickly places Brocken Jr. into a Camel Clutch. After a flashback, Brocken Jr. pulls a reversal and escapes. While reciting the words Brockenman once said to Brocken Jr., Brocken Jr. performs a Red Rain of Berlin on Ramenman. Ramenman dodged, but the tree behind him was cleaved in two.

Ramenman reveals that today was the anniversary of Brockenman's death and that he knows that he will lose against Warsman. Thus Brocken Jr. learns that Ramenman isn't heartless after all. While burning the shrub to commemorate Brockenman's funeral, Brockenman's spirit appears and Brocken Jr. gets a chance to talk to him.

Seven Akuma Chojin Arc


A brain-dead vegetable, Ramenman was brought to see Choujin Specialist Doctor Bombe. Bombe brought Ramenman to a location in some mountains. The trees in this mountain location produced a special healing mist from their bark. While in this area, Ramenman could walk, talk, and fight again. He began training vigorously, learning several new techniques (including how to manipulate his hair as a weapon). He then desired to leave and help his friends fight evil Chojins again, so Dr. Bombe constructed a mask out of the tree bark (the Mongol Mask). As long as he wore this mask, Ramenman could move and fight as though he was still in the mountains. Forced to be a masked man, he assumed the identity Mongolman. He added to the disguise by wearing fake muscles. He first appeared during Brocken's fight with Devil Chojin Mister Khamen during the Individual Battles. Brocken had been captured in the Mummy Package and was done for when Mongolman threw a smokebomb into the ring and battled Khamen, defeating him with a Leg Lariat. After the smoke cleared, Brocken emerged from beneath the ring, unscathed and sure he saw Ramenman.

He showed up again during Suguru's fight with Atlantis as the ghost of the dead Devil Chojins held Suguru still, making him unable to truly fight Atlantis. He explained to Bibimba, Terry, and Brocken the real situation and showed them a magic mirror that could send them to the same plane of existence as the ghosts. Terry was untrustworthy of the mysterious Chojin, but Brocken, who (correctly) believed the stranger to be Ramenman, rushed right in. Terry and Mongolman followed and the three of them got rid of the ghosts, saving Suguru. As Suguru went to his locker room after defeating Atlantis, Mongolman knocked him out and ran away. This confused Terry and Brocken, who had begun calling him their Messiah. Suguru awoke with only an hour left to defeat the final two Devil Chojins (Buffaloman and Springman). Mongolman arrived, claiming to want to help Suguru in a Tag Match, confusing everyone even further on Mongolman's allegiance (in truth, he had knocked out Suguru to force him to recover from his fight with Atlantis). Their doubts were put at ease when Mongolman stopped Suguru from throwing Springman out of the ring, because his body would've hit one of Meat's limbs (the prize in the fight). He went on to use his sweat to make a rain cloud, using the rain to rust Springman, preventing him from bouncing around. He then defeated him with a Leg Lariat, and left the fight (leaving it between Kinnikuman and Buffaloman).

Golden Mask Arc

He showed up again during the Golden Mask arc to referee the match between Kinnikuman and Akuma Shogun.

Dream Chojin Tag Arc

During the Dream Tag Tournament, he teamed up with Buffaloman to form the 20 Million Powers. Their first match was scheduled to be against the Most Dangerous Combo (Brocken and Wolfman), but Screw Kid and Kendaman interrupted and took them out. So Mongolman and Buffaloman fought them instead, soon defeating them with their trademark Long Horn Train. In their second match against the Hell Missionaries (Neptuneman and Big the Budo) Mongolman was unmasked, revealing that he was, in fact, Ramenman. Being unmasked meant he was becoming a vegetable again, so he had Kinnikuman put his mask back on him so he could explain the origin of Mongolman. After that, he passed out and the Mongol Mask was reclaimed by Neptuneman and Budo.

Ultimate Chojin Tag Arc

Mongolman once again teamed up with Buffaloman as the 20 Million Powers. They are then defeated by Mantaro and Chaos after countering the Long Horn Train and using their new move Muscle Evolution which destroys the Mongol Mask and returns Ramenman to his vegetative state. Not too long after Ramenman disappears through a warp gate made by Kinnikuman, Terry and Robin. Later Mantaro finds one of Ramenman's scrolls using it to train himself.

Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc

Ramenman shoryudogi

Ramenman made his triumpant return during the second round of the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc against Team Zebra, wearing a headband made from the same healing mist as the Mongol Mask over his head wound. He disguised himself as Bikeman and interfered in the Terryman/Motorman fight, destroying Motorman within seconds with his Camel Clutch. He then fought the real Bikeman in a Thunder Dome Death Match. Bikeman gave Ramenman a severe beating, causing his heart to stop. Believing him to be dead, Kinnikuman, Meat, the rest of Team Kinnikuman, and the fans all began to shed tears for Ramenman. This caused Ramenman to revive, gain the advantage, and defeat Bikeman with a Kowloon Wall Drop. As Team Soldier went up against Team Super Phoenix, Ramenman was the one who figured out that Brocken Jr. had disposed of his Chojin Body in order to deflect Prisman's Chojin destroying Rainbow Shower beam. Brocken later shattered Prisman's head with his Bremen Sunset, but then died when he fell into the canyon below.

In the final round against Team Super Phoenix, Ramenman avenged Brocken in a match against Prisman, who was still alive. The match took place in a jungle gym-type ring. Prisman began blasting Ramenman with his Rainbow Shower, but it oddly had no effect on Ramenman. After a few more times, Ramenman climbed to the top of the jungle gym and absorbed the power of the sun. He then blasted Prisman with his own Rainbow Shower and then defeated him with the Kowloon Wall Drop. Immediately afterwards, Super Phoenix caused the jungle gym to collapse, knocking Ramenman out and causing the match to officially end in a draw.

Perfect Origin Arc

After the Scramble For The Throne, Harabote had sent Ramenman back to China to be placed in


Medical Suspension to help him recover from his injuries over the years, which is presumably how he recovered completely from being a vegetable.

When the Perfect Large Numbers made their appearance, it wasn't until the Second Stage of the full-scale tournament between Justice, Devil And Perfect Choujin that he could make a return to Japan to aid the Justice Choujin along with Robin Mask, Warsman and Brocken Jr.

During the 2nd stage, Ramenman faced Perfect Choujin Marvelous, who turned out to be another Choujin Kenpo successor like Ramenman. He constantly dealt non-lethal blows against Marvelous, trying to knock him out and leave him unable to commit suicide while following Perfect Choujin law, but it was pointless as while Marvelous was temporarily paralyzed, one of his shoulder-mounted dragons took a bite out of his chest to kill him.

Later on, during the "Unforgiven Yggdrasil" Showdown, he fought Nemesis in Kinnikuman's place, and after Nemesis explains his origins, Ramenman chips in to mention that he once planned to become a Perfect Choujin after winning the 20th Choujin Olympics by journeying to Mont Saint Parfait. It was his loss to Kinnikuman that kept him from going, after he decided to try and learn why he lost to him. Despite his best efforts, he couldn't beat Nemesis, as Nemesis managed to tap into the Friendship Power the Justice Choujin use themselves. Left incapacitated by Nemesis's Muscle Spark, Ramenman was beaten and driven to the hospital, leaving him out of the arc.

Hercules Factory Arc

Ramenman (Nisei)

Ramenman in Kinnikuman Nisei

Ramenman discovers Mantaro's power and trains him secretly before helping open the Hercules Factory with the other Seigi Chojins. He serves as the hand-to-hand combat instructor, and defeats the Indian wrestler Samu, repeating what he once told Brocken Jr. about the arrogance of youth.

Career Information



  • Chinese Chojin Martial Arts Champion
  • Hong Kong Chojin Karate Tournament Champion ('74)
  • Hebei Chojin Young Men's Bājíquán ('77, '78)
  • Chojin Mantis Champion ('79)
  • 20th Chojin Olympics 4th Place Runner-Up
  • 21st Chojin Olympics 3rd Place Runner-Up
  • 102 Chojin Attacks Successor
  • 1st Kinnikuman Popularity Contest (3rd Place)
  • 2nd Kinnikuman Popularity Contest (1st Place)
  • 3rd Kinnikuman Popularity Contest (4th Place)
  • 3rd Kinnikuman Popularity Contest (7th Place) (as Mongolman)
  • 4th Kinnikuman Popularity Contest (2nd Place)
  • 1st Kinnikuman Nisei ~All Chojin Dai Shingeki~ Popularity Contest (13th Place)


  • Team Kinnikuman: Second Guard (Semifinals and Finals)


  • Devil of the Orient
  • Brutal Chojin Leader
  • Instant Death Dealer
  • Burning Great Plains
  • Kung Fu Fighter
  • Warrior Champion
  • Master of Chinese Wushu
  • Evangelist of China's 4,000 Years
  • Killer Kung-Fu
  • Mongolian Messiah (Mongolman)

Win/Loss Record (Singles)

Win/Loss Record (Tag)

20 Million Powers (Buffaloman)
Win/Loss Record (Anime Only)