The Seven Evil Shogi Pieces (将棋七鬼衆 Shōgi Shichiki Shu) is Gyoku'ou's gang of martial artists based out of the Dalin Temple. They once had a fierce Battle with Chen Zong-Ming.

Gyokuō (玉王 Jeweled King)

  1. Fuki (歩鬼 Pawn Demon)
  2. Kōki (香鬼 Lance Demon)
  3. Keiki (桂鬼 Knight Demon)
  4. Kakuei (角栄 Bishop of Glory): Anime name is Kakushō (角将 Bishop General)
  5. Hiryū (飛龍 Flying Dragon Rook)
  6. Kinki (金鬼 Gold Demon)
  7. Ginki (銀鬼 Silver Demon): Anime-only character

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