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Quǎncāo (犬操 Kensō) is a character from Tatakae!! Ramenman and one of Victory Ramenman's oldest friends.


He is the Emperor's dog deliverer and he uses this position to frequently push around and rob the villagers of Jīnghuá Village (荊華村, Keika-son). He is actually a childhood friend of Ramenman's and used to love playing with animals. However, he has lost his kind heart and is eventually defeated by Ramenman. From then on he appears as one of Ramenman's allies. He is also the one who controls Ramenman Robo.


  • Gansairyū Hibyō (岩砕拉飛抓, Rock Breaking Flying Claw)
  • Shōkoku Rōgoku (傷刻牢獄, Slashing Prison)



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