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  • Name: Shumokun (シュモクーン)
  • Homeland: Tahiti Flag of French Polynesia
  • Height: 203cm
  • Weight: 125kg
  • Chōjin Power: 740,000 Power
A d.M.p Akugyo Choujin based on the hammerhead shark. He sneaks into and hides in Kinniku House in order to defeat Mantaro, but he blows his own cover when he breaks up a fight between Mantaro and Kid and is ultimately defeated by their M&K Connection tag technique. Despite his fearsome appearance, he has a softer side. Shumoku-zame (撞木鮫) is Japanese for hammerhead shark. Trademark Technique: Conflict Arbitration (ケンカの仲裁).

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