• Name: Sōmenman (素麵男(ソーメンマン))
  • Homeland: Guǐshŏu Village, Henan, China Flag of the People's Republic of China
  • Voice: Shinji Ogawa


The father of Victory Ramenman and La Niang, he stands up to the Cobra Gang when they attack his village, but is killed by Jam and Junk's Genwaku Muheki technique. After his death, Ramenman is thrown down a ravine and found by Chen Zongming and La Niang is raised by an old carpenter.

His name comes from somen noodles.


  Nyūmen (ニュウメン)--+--Lō Niang (ローニャ)
         |                           |
   Hiyamugi (ヒヤムギ)             Somenman--+--Sō Niang (ソーニャ)
                              |                           |
                       Victory Ramenman                La Niang

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