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  • Classification: Akuma Chōjin→ Seigi Chōjin
  • Homeland: Greece Flag of Greece
  • Age: 4,000
  • Height: 194 cm
  • Weight: 600 kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 3,200,000 Power
  • Trademark Techniques: Devil Slinky (デビル・トムボーイ Debiru Tomubōi), Jumping Muscle Crush (anime version)
  • First Appearance: 7 Devil Chōjins Arc

Springman (スプリングマン?) was a giant spring with arms and legs. He fought Wolfman in his first match, and constricted himself around the seigi chōjin until Wolfman was literally torn to pieces. He tag-teamed with Buffaloman for the final match of the story arc and fought against Mongolman. When the Seigi Chōjin used his sweat and body heat to create a rain cloud that made Springman rust and weaken, he was unable to bounce, and was eventually killed when Mongolman kicked him into the timer for Meat's Leg with a Leg Lariat, which electrocutes Springman and soon causes him to explode.

Tag Techniques with Buffaloman (Diabolos)

  • Spring Bazooka
  • Chōjin Dodgeball.
  • One of the 7 Devil Chōjins
Win/Loss Record

Win/Loss Record (Tag)

Diabolos (Buffaloman)

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