• Name: Strong the Budō (ストロング・ザ・武道(ブドー))
  • AKA: Chōjin Enma (超人閻魔)
  • Real Name: The Man (ザ・マン)
  • Classification: God → Perfect Chojin
  • Nickname: Perfect Warrior (完武 Kanbu), Perfect Zero (完璧・零式(パーフェクトゼロ))
  • Homeland: Celestial Realm
  • Height: 290 cm
  • Weight: 320 kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 99,990,000 Power
  • Trademark Techniques: Zero no Higeki ((ゼロ)の悲劇 Zero Tragedy), Budō Gansai Claw (武道岩砕クロー Budō Rock Crushing Claw), One-hand Brainbuster, Kanbu Kabuto Kudaki (完武・兜砕き Perfect Warrior Helmet Smash), Senpei Senmetsu Otoshi (千兵殲滅落とし)、Muketsu Ganji Garame (無欠雁字搦め)、Meifu Tōkai Shu (冥府頭壊手)
  • First Appearance: Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne Arc
  • Laugh: Guroro (グロロ~)
  • Seiyū: Masato Hirano
  • Submitted by: Kazuya Mitani (三谷和弥) of Aichi (Strong the Budo), Seiji Tanaka (田中青志) of Miyagi (The Man)

Chojin Enma is ruler of the Chojin Hakaba and he will dispatch Omegaman Dexia to capture any
Chojin that escape from the Hakaba. Under the identity of Strong the Budo, he leads the Perfect Large Numbers. His costume is nearly identical to Big the Budo. His true identity is The Man, the founder of the Perfect Chojin from ages past.
In the anime version of Kinnikuman: Scramble for the Throne, Chojin Enma is the evil mastermind controlling the Five Chojin Gods. He later combines with Kinnikuman Super Phoenix, but is eventually sealed away in Kinnikuman's cape.
Win/Loss Record (Singles)
Strong the Budo

Strong the Budo official coloured artwork from Kinnikuman Muscle Shot

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