• Name: Takashi Shimada (嶋田隆司, Shimada Takashi)
  • Birth Name: Takashi Kaneyama (金山隆司, Kaneyama Takashi)
    Shimadasensei 400x400
  • Hometown: Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka, Japan Flag of Japan
  • Birthdate: October 28, 1960
  • Recognizable Feature: Droopy Eyes.
Story writer half of Yudetamago. A graduate of Hatushiba High School (Higashi, Sakai, Osaka), up until 1984 he went by the surname Kaneyama (金山). He frequently attends movie premires, events, and interviews by himself and has the the most exposure of the duo. These appearances have lead to him being jokingly referred to as "The Non-Working Half of Yude". He claims to have been a naughty child in his younger days and that his favorite show was a TV Drama called Playgirl. He loved to read and draw manga, and before he met Nakai he would often draw Kinnikuman on notebook paper.

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