• Classification: Akuma Choujin
  • Homeland: Iceland Flag of Iceland
  • Height: 205cm (6'9")
  • Weight: 123kg (271 lbs)
  • Choujin Kyoudo: 8,200,000 Power
  • Trademark Techniques: Purple Rose of Cairo (カイロの紫のバラ, Kairo no Murasaki no Bara), Nuvoa Suplex (ヌボア・スープレックス)
  • First Appearance: (Nisei) Manga Chapter ??

The Constellation (ザ・コンステレーション) is a 4D Fighter Choujin with a constellation design drawn all over his body. When the constellation design on his face changes, he is capable of transforming into any constellation. He holds Alexandria Meat's torso.

He defeats Buffaloman and then fights against Kinniku Mantaro. Although he absorbs Mantarou's power and manages to defeat the Muscle Millennium, in the end he is defeated with an Incomplete Muscle Gravity.

  • Laugh: Kara-Kara-Kara~ (カラカラカラ~)
  • Demon Seed No. 1


Costellation Gemini
The Constellation's face forms "gemini". Constellation splits into two.
-Geminal Arm Breaker
After "Constellation Gemini", The Constellation uses both of his bodies to break one arm.
-Geminal Elbow
After "Constellation Gemini", The Constellation uses both bodies to elbow the victim in the face
Constellation Scorpio
The Constellation's face forms "scorpio". He grows a scorpion stinger in proportion with his body.
Antares Death Lock
After "Constellation Scorpio", The Constellation traps the victim in a scorpion lock, then pierces the victim's cheek with the stingerand yanks the neck back for extra pressure.
Constellation Aquila
The Constellation's face forms "aquila". He grows wings.
-Altair Wing
flies up rapidly, used for escaping chokes.
Constellation Ursa Major
The Constellation's face forms "Ursa Major". The Constellation grows fur and increases in muscle mass to that of a bear's.
-Big Bear Senton
Used after "Constellation Ursa Major". A senton bomb from a high altitude.
Constellation Microscopium

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