• Name: The Nōsonman (ザ☆農村マン) / El Niño
  • Homeland: Japan Flag of Japan
  • Height: 185cm (6'1")
  • Weight: 92kg (203 lbs)
  • Chojin Kyodo: 950,000 Power
  • Trademark Techniques: Thresh Suplex, Rice Harvest Savate, Straw Hat Revolution, Guillotine Leg Drop.
  • Family: Mother, Jiro, Saburo, Shiro (brothers), Hanako (sister)
  • Seiyuu: Takashi Nagasako/Dan Green (US).

A farmer whom seconds Mantaro during the Chojin Crown Finals after Meat is injured. Has JA on his shirt in the manga and こめ in the anime.

  • X Mantaro Kinniku (Turnover Kinniku Buster)

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