• Name: The Rigani (THE・リガニー Zarigani) / Cranky Doodle Craw Daddy Flag of the United States
  • Classification: Akugyo Chojin
  • Trademark Technique: Crawfish Suplex/Écrevisse Chop/Rigany Claw
  • First Appearance: Manga Chapter 70
  • Submitted by: Hiroshi Matsui (松井大) of Chiba
  • Seiyu: Takumi Yamazaki/Ted Lewis (US).
An American crawfish wrestler from New Orleans and one of a few remnants of the dMp. Under the name "Masakazu Tamura", he would put on a (barely) human disguise and appear at singles bars. Keiko agreed to compensated dating with him, but Rinko stepped in and saved her. He captured Rinko and Mantaro had to fight him.

("The Rigani" (Za Riganī) is a Japanese pun on Zarigani (crawfish).)


  • Crawfish Suplex (クロウフィッシュ・スープレックス): The Rigany grabs his opponent in a front waist lock and arches his back but instead of slamming them into the mat brings up his crawfish tail to smash them in the face.
  • Armor Assault: The Rigani generates a set of armor identical to his own that wraps up the opponents upper torso and prevents them from defending themselves.
  • Feeler Wrap: Usually used after Armour Assault, The Rigani grabs the opponent with his extended feelers, lifts them in the air and chokes them.
  • Rigani Claw (リガニー・クロウ): The Rigani lunges toward the opponent with his claw hand and catches the opponent in a headvice and proceeds to crush the opponents skull.

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