• Classification: Akuma Choujin
  • Homeland: Hokkaido, Japan Flag of Japan
  • Height: 194cm (6'4")
  • Weight: 210kg (463 lbs.)
  • Choujin Kyoudo: 8,600,000 Power
  • Trademark Techniques: Great Edo 808th Street Drop (大江戸八百八町落とし, Dai Edo Happyakuhachi-chou Otoshi), Tears of Blood: Arching Shrimp Persecution (血涙・海老反り責め, Ketsurui: Ebisori Seme)
  • First Appearance: (Nisei) Manga Chapter ??

The Tattooman (ザ・タトゥーマン) is a Wafu Choujin. He hides a jitte underneath the snowflake tattoos on his right arm and possesses several Karakuri ningyō dolls, a Choujin usu, and various other weapons. He holds Alexandria Meat's left leg and fights Barrierfreeman to a draw.

  • Laugh: Kanra-Kanra (カンラカンラ)
  • Demon Seed No. 4

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