The Terryman Girl
also known as Terrygirl is a character from the spin-off manga Kinnikuman Lady and is the female/alternate version of Terryman. She is commonly known as Terry by her new best friend and wrestling partner Lady.



Like the original Terryman, she's blonde with short hair and lazy-like blue eyes (but bigger than Terryman's ones). On her forehead is the character 米 (Bei) and on her shoulders are the Star Emblems (スターエンブレム) , possibly having the same purpose of Terryman's own emblems.

However, she also wears a bikini emblazoned with Star Emblems and she has a much petite frame than Terryman, or even Kinnikuman Lady. While Lady has a curvaceous, busty hourglass figure, Terry has a more modest (but still quite defined) bust.


Much like Terryman, at the beginning of the story she acts businesslike, as she's brought to Japan to fight as an hired heroine (exactly as Terryman did). However, while Terryman took some time to warm to Suguru Kinnikuman, looking down to him upon visiting Kinniku House for the first time, Terry is instantly taken by Lady's naivete and, upon seeing her in a bunnygirl outfit (that she was wearing as she had to find a part-time job as a waitress) pleading with her to let Meat stay in the Kinniku House even if she had to forfeit her life as the main Chojin in Japan, she fired her agent, renounced her role and started rooting for Lady. During her commentary to the Chojin Olympics she flatly claimed that "Lady is my bride", thus hinting some kind of interest to her or perhaps another reason for stating this.


Terry's techniques are most likely the same as Terryman's techniques.

  • Spinning Toe Hold
  • Texas Clover Hold
  • Calf Branding
  • Texas Condor Kick
  • Bull Docking Headlock
  • Martial Arts Kick
  • Rolling Svavate
  • Knuckle Part
  • Bronco Fist
  • Angry Shaft
  • Texas Twister
  • Brainbuster
  • Oklahoma Stampede

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