Rubber Fist Tiàolóng (護夢(ゴム)拳跳竜 Gomuken Chōryū) is a character from Tatakae!! Ramenman


The first of the Anki Go Tensei, he has a rubber body which he uses to torment his enemies. He defeats Victory Ramenman once and kills Chuchai. He is perhaps the strongest of the Go Tensei and easily defeats 3 of Ramenman's kicks. In the end however he uses the last of his power to protect Ramenman from a sword attack from Gyokuo and returns to his spirit tablet.


  • Rubber Fist Giant Hand (護夢(ゴム)巨大手, Gomu-ken Kyodai Shu)
  • Superball Fist (超護夢鞠(スーパーボール)拳)
  • (飛花乱天突き Hika Ranten Zuki)

Tag Techniques

(With Huangying)

  • Rubber Fist and Sand Kick (護夢(ゴム)惨土(サンド)脚, Gomu-ken Sando-kyaku)
  • United Propellor Fist (合体賦櫨狴鑼(プロペラ)拳, Gattai Puropera Ken)
  • Rubber Ball Striking Kick (護夢(ゴム)鞠蹴撃脚 Gomu-Mari Shūgeki Kyaku)

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