Touryuu Gokui Sho (闘龍極意書, lit. Battle Dragon Essential Scroll) is the Chojin Kung Fu scroll in Tatakae!! Ramenman.


Given to Victory Ramenman by Chen Zong-Ming, it contains the Chōjin Hyakuni Gei (超人一〇二芸, 102 Chōjin Attacks) techniques that Ramenman fought with. For generations, each successor devised a new technique and added it to the Gokui Sho. Because Ramenman had already contributed the Camel Clutch, they are technically now the Chōjin Hyakusan Gei (超人一〇三芸, 103 Chōjin Attacks). Additionally, in earlier chapters Ramenman is shown to be able to use the Gokui Sho as armor (by wrapping it around his body), as well as transforming it into a pair of nunchaku.

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