Meat recalls Uldraman

Uldraman (ウルドラマン) is the 18th Chojin Olympics Champion. He is very prideful and was once Japan's main Chojin, but he retires after a humiliating defeat at the hands of Robin Mask at the 19th Olympics (according to a flashback in Kinnikuman Nisei, his hip is broken in half by Robin's Tower Bridge, ending his career). Despite seeming to be a big wheel Chojin, he is never seen after this (excluding the flashback). In the anime however, he often shows up as a background character in chojin crowd scenes.

He was originally called (and meant to be) Ultraman, but this was later changed for copyright reasons. In the anime his name was Uttraman (ウットラマン). It is unknown if he is one of the Ultra Brothers.



18th Chojin Olympics Champion

19th Chojin Olympics Runner-Up

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