The Title screen of Ultimate Muscle.

Ultimate Muscle is the English dubbed version of the Kinnikuman Nisei anime.


Main Article: List of Ultimate Muscle episodes


Main cast


Changes from Original Version

Names Changes

New Generation
Legends (Galactic Wrestling only)

Plot Changes

  • Rather than just being Jeager's trainer, Brocken Jr. was changed to being his father as well.
  • Mince's death was never confirmed. They simply said he injured his hips.

Other Changes

Kinnikuman Nisei: Ultimate Muscle

In Japan, the Kinnikuman Nisei anime did poorly and was cancelled after the Poison Six Pack Arc. However, 4Kids Entertainment wished to finish the Chojin Crown arc, so they ordered new episodes which were first aired in America and then in Japan two years later. In Japan, the new episodes were aired as two new seasons entitled Kinnikuman Nisei: Ultimate Muscle and Kinnikuman Nisei: Ultimate Muscle 2.

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