the Ultimate Scar Buster is Scarface's trademark move, and an improvement of the Kinniku Buster. It is virtually identical to the Kinniku Buster, except since the body, pelvis, and neck are captured, while the head is not, the Ultimate Scar Buster corrects this flaw by incapacitating the head with a Triangle Lock (a basic Triangle Lock such as in the second variation of the Robin Special, not Terry the Kid's trademark modified Triangle Lock in which the arm is incapacitated). While Rinko berated Scarface for stealing Kinniku Suguru's move, stating that the Kinniku Buster is already perfect and needs no such improvement, pointing out that Kinniku Mantaro does the move too fast for anyone to take advantage of the weakness, Meat reveals that the head is the weakness of the Kinniku Buster, which both Buffaloman and even Kinnikuman himself have taken advantage of. Even Mantaro himself seems amazed by the technique, and tries to get Scarface to teach him the move, which Scarface naturally refuses


The Kinniku Driver is the partner technique to the Kinniku Buster, but Scarface has not shown any "Ultimate Scar Driver" ability, since that move is already perfect, nor has he even used the basic Kinniku Driver, as his fighting style revolves around copying his opponents' techniques and modifying them.

The Ultimate Scar Buster is actually more dangerous than the Kinniku Buster, since it bends the back and could potentially cause serious spine injury if the user lands wrong.

It is unknown if the Ultimate Scar Buster is compatible with such team techniques for the original, such as Muscle Docking, Buster Variation part 5, Muscle Collaboration, or Niku-Lap

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