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The Universal Choujin Tag Tournament (宇宙超人タッグトーナメント, Uchuu Choujin Taggu Toonamento) was a tag team tournament held in 1984 and was the battleground for the Dream Choujin Tag Arc.

Tag Bracket

Muscle Brothers
Muscle Brothers
4D Killer Combo
Muscle Brothers
The Machineguns
New Machineguns
Stray Akuma Combo
Big Bombers
Stray Akuma Combo
Stray Akuma Combo
The Machineguns
Choujin Master/Student Combo
Hell Missionnaires
Hell Missionnaires
Hell Missionnaires
20 Million Powers
20 Million Powers
Most Dangerous Combo
Killer Game Combo
Killer Game Combo

Tournament Mountain


First Round

Big Bombers vs. Stray Akuma Combo
Muscle Brothers vs. 4D Killer Combo
Most Dangerous Combo vs. 20 Million Powers
Most Dangerous Combo vs. Killer Game Combo
20 Million Powers vs. Killer Game Combo
Choujin Master/Student Combo vs. Hell Missionaries
New Machineguns vs. Stray Akuma Combo


Muscle Brothers vs. Stray Akuma Combo
20 Million Powers vs. Hell Missionaries


Muscle Brothers vs. Hell Missionaries
The Machineguns vs. Hell Missionaries

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