Voltman (ボルトマン) is a living microwave oven who has a plutonium battery in his body and is able to attack his opponent with electricity. He can alter his already large size and has tremendous power. When he pulls out one of his trademark dreadlocks, they swell up and transform into various electronic appliances. Unless he regularly imbibes Seigi Chojin blood, he can become very ill. He holds Meat Alexandria's right leg.

He first teams up with Asuraman as The Demolitions and defeats the B-Evolutions tag team, which consists of Kevin Mask and Scarface. In a return match, they face The Young Masters - Mantaro Kinniku and Kevin Mask. After Voltman is defeated by their NIKU⇒LAP tag technique, Ashuraman sends him plummeting from the ring to his death. As his general stone is removed, he shrivels up into a mummy.

  • Laugh: Do-heh, Do-heh (ドヘッドヘッ)
  • Demon Seed No. 5
  • Chojin Power Plant (超人発電所, Chōjin Hatsudensho)

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