The World Supermen Federation (世界超人同盟 Sekai Chōjin Dōmei) (WSF), also known as the Chojin Mafia, is one of the three choujin leagues in North America. By the time Kinnikuman arrives, it has taken most of the west coast from the World Supermen Association. The group gets most of its funding from drug trading, gambling management and suppressing uprisings. However, their biggest draw is a secret show called the Lumber Lucky Joe, where gamblers bet on deathmatches.


Chairman: Sheik Seijin

Champion: Skull Bose

Other members

King Crusher

Dynamite Piper

Devil Magician

Robin Mask


When Kinnikuman arrives in North America, the WSF had just taken California by defeating the district champion. When Kinnikuman attempted to infiltrate the WSF by posing as the Chanelman, Sheik Seijin and Skull Bose unmasked him and forced Kinnikuman into a death rematch against the former champion, Robin Mask above the Grand Canyon. When it looked like Kinnikuman was going to win, Sheik had Iwao crash a plane into the ring, hoping to kill both chojin and have Skull take the WSA belt by default. When that failed, God Von Erich appeared and declared the chojin leagues feud would be settled in tag tournament. For that, Devil Magician was chosen to be Skull's partner, to form the Blood Illusions.

In the first round of the Tournament, the Blood Illusions faced the Rugged Brothers, Iwao and Kinkotsuman's creation, Black Shadow. the match ended in the WSF's favor, with Black Shadow in pieces. In the second round, they fought the World Supermen Council's The Emperors tag team, Beauty Rhodes and Jean Steamboard. By using illegal weaponry, Skull and Devil won, brutally injuring not just their opponents, but Terryman and Meat when they tried to stop them (Kinnikuman was out for a walk). The final match was against the Machineguns, Kinnikuman and Terryman of the World Supermen Association. However, they were prevented from using their weapons by Ramenman, the referee. Despite this 'handicap' the Blood Illusions still gave the Machineguns a brutal match, taking advantage of Terryman's artificial leg. However, in the end, they lost and control of the American chojin league fell to the WSA.

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