Red Lotus Fist Yánliú (紅蓮拳炎劉 Gurenken Enryū) is a character from Tatakae!! Ramenman. He was voiced by Masato Hirano.


The third of the Anki Go Tensei, he can emit flames from all over his body and owns the deadly spider Linjiu as a pet. He nearly defeats Chuchai, but eventually his fire abilities are defeated by Chuchai's L Express to Chiang Mai.


  • Red Lotus Lava Bullets (紅蓮溶岩弾, Guren Yōgan Dan)
  • Red Lotus Crab hand Clasp (紅蓮手蟹挟み, Guren Tekani Basami)
  • Red Lotus Dragon-Phoenix Blade (紅蓮竜鳳剣, Guren Ryūhō Ken)
  • Spinning Hundred Monkey Fist (回身白猿拳, Kaishin Byakuen Ken)
  • Yangtze Hell Waterfall (長江地獄滝, Chōkō Jigoku Daki)
  • Red Lotus Creeping Spider (紅蓮這わせ蜘蛛, Guren Hawase Gumo)

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