Yībēikǒu (伊々平功(イーペーコー), One set of identical sequences) is a character from Tatakae!! Ramenman.


A member of the Triangle Brothers, he is a user of Marionette Sappō (魔翏悪涅闘(マリオネット)殺法, Killer Marionette Style) and carries a life-size puppet on his back which he uses to attack his opponents. He shows off this power in the Emperor's Tournament preliminaries and defeats Chuchai.

In the finals tournament his first round opponent was to be Racket Rambo, but before the match he is sent to attack and injure Victory Ramenman, but he mistakes Rambo for Ramenman and ambushes him instead.

Due to the cancellation of the series none of his finals matches are seen, but it can be assumed that Rambo was too injured to fight and, since he never saw Yibeikou during the attack, Yibeikou was probably not disqualified and instead advanced to the second round to fight Ramenman.


  • Marionette Bearhug (魔翏悪涅闘熊胴締り(マリオネット・ベアハッグ))
  • Marionette Apolar Drop (魔翏悪涅闘(マリオネット)無極落とし, Marionetto Mukyoku Otoshi)


  • O 2 Unknown Opponents
  • O Chuchai (Marionette Bear Hug→ Marionette Apolar Drop)
  • Δ Rambo (abandoned fight)

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