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Warsman before becoming a seigi chojin was classified as a zangyaku chojin

Zangyaku Chōjin (残虐超人, Brutal Supermen) are Chojin who fight brutally and kill their opponents for

their own amusement. They are basically Seigi Chōjins gone bad, and are even allowed to compete in the Chōjin Olympics.

Later on, they are divided between two different unofficial factions. There are those who aid the Seigi Chōjins, known as Seigi no Zangyaku Chōjin (正義の残虐超人, "Good" Brutal Supermen). Although very brutal after entering the ring, they are essentially Seigi Chōjins. Then there and those who oppose the Seigi Chōjins, known as Aku no Zangyaku Chōjin (悪の残虐超人, "Evil" Brutal Supermen). They mostly appear in the sequel series.


New Generation

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